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The Solution to your Sales Problems Part 2 – Order of Selling – Sell Yourself

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It’s Saturday night. I thought the UFC fights (Dillashaw v Cruz) were on tonight. They are not. Obviously I’m in a foul mood. Tonight was taco night with my sons and now I’m stuck listening to Untold Stories of the ER. Possibly the worst show on TV. So forgive my tone if I come across as impatient.

Order of Selling. How important is that? What is that? Why does it matter? Well hopefully we’ll answer all of those questions:

Let’s start with what it is and what it is not:

1. Sell yourself
2. Sell your company
3. Sell your goods and services.

Now, you’re disappointed. I can tell. You already know this. Here’s what I also know. If I call you right now and tell you a buddy of mine needs a new phone system, you’re going to call him, schedule a demo, show up at his office, ask him if he likes to fish, you’ll tell him you like to fish too, and then you’ll jump right into wanting to know all about his phone system.
That’s an F grade.

Let’s start from the top:
Sell yourself
We’ve all heard about rapport building. We’ve heard the same nonsense advice. Look around their office, notice pictures of kids, trophies, vacation photos. YAAAWWWWNNNNNNNN…let me know when you’re done with that.
How about we start with MEANINGFUL rapport building? How about we sell ourselves through our GENUINE CURIOSITY and INTEREST in this stranger sitting across the table from us? We can sell ourselves with these CATEGORIES of questions. God help you if you ask these as THE questions:

Who are you? What do you do? How do you do it? Why do you do it that way? How can we help you do it better?

Who are you? I see you’re the CFO. Forgive me, I’ve always wondered, what exactly are the responsibilities of a CFO? Gets him talking…telling you how he became a CFO. You can start asking great questions about how he got stuck worrying about the phone system. You can thread in great questions about his CFO responsibilities at his last job. You can even ask how they budgeted for IT at the last firm.

Your curiosity and interest in him SELLS YOU!! I want your prospect walking away KNOWING that YOU found him to be amazingly interesting. If you can’t do that, let me know, i’ll help you but if you can’t figure that out, you’re playing the sales slot machine and assigning incorrect logic to your wins instead of recognizing that it’s a random occurrence.

When the ball gets thrown back to you play along. You’re their to listen and learn not tell your life story. When asked about yourself, give two great sentences and follow up with a question. Just like a carpenter hitting a nail. Two powerful swings and he’s onto the next one. So, Karl, tell me about yourself. “Well Lance, I’ve been selling IT for 4 years now, I have two dogs, and I love skiing. Let me ask you Lance, how did you get stuck talking to me about IT?” Get the attention back to him and direct him where you want to go.

MASTER THIS PIECE. PRACTICE. Can you get people talking? Try at the next PTA event, the next golf outing, the next whatever the hell it is you do? If you can get strangers talking, you’ll own this!

We’ll work on selling the company and the goods and services next time. I have to go see this episode about the man who’s pug swallowed his severed finger.

The Solution to your Sales Problems in 7 steps…part 1

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Selling is tricky. We know this. Nothing new, nothing revolutionary. I’m here to tell you however that you’re fighting this battle with your hands tied behind your back if you’re not following these fundamentals. I didn’t invent them but I’ve been teaching to these fundamentals for over ten years. Do them and you’ll resolve the biggest problems in your sales game. Don’t do them and you’ll continue to be perplexed as to why you’re chasing deals.

1. Set the next meeting date before you end the meeting you’re at. Every time. No exceptions. We all know what it feels like to have a great meeting and then have to chase the person for the next two weeks while their excitement wains and you get more desperate.
2. Establish time frame. If you know when they want to GO LIVE, you solve 30% of the riddle right then and there. You now have a shared goal with your prospect to meet their deadline. FYI “as soon as possible” and “yesterday” are not answers. Narrow it down and establish next meeting dates from there.
3. Budget. Ok, calm down, take a breath and rethink this. Don’t get junk in your head about “they don’t have a budget,” “no one will tell you,” or “it’s rude to ask.” First step is to know your prospects revenue. This is not difficult. ASK. Second step, know how they make IT spending decisions. Third step, ask them how they budget for IT. If they have a process, praise them and fit in. If they don’t have a process, let them know that’s ok and that’s what YOU ARE THERE FOR. Oh and one way to make sure you DON’T get the budget? Ask them “WHAT’S YOUR BUDGET”
4. Referral request. I’m not going to over explain this. At the end of the meeting (THE FIRST MEETING), simply say, “Hey Bob, it was great meeting you. Not sure if you and I will do business, but give me the names of a couple people you know who could use our services.” If you’ve done a great job at selling your self, you’ll get a great response. If you’ve done a poor job and you’ll be embarrassed by the whole process.

In the next part, we’ll talk about the order of selling. Until then, comment or email us. Disagree with us, let us know.

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