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I had the very special opportunity to join a client at his local EO chapter the other night in NYC. That group is amazing. I’ve never been around such an energetic excited group of business owners. Definitely considering joining my Chicago chapter. The event was centered around a presentation given by Verne Harnish. This was my second time seeing Verne Harnish and I was amazed again.

I wanted to share two of his themes that really resonated with me and hopefully for my clients and YOU.

1. Come up with your number one initiative. Know it, own it, and work on it 3 hours every day. You have to know what you’re aiming for and commit to it. In conjunction with this point, Harnish suggests that most of what we are offering in our business should be jettisoned and we should focus on core offerings. He went on to point out Steve Jobs’ strategy when he limited the offering of Apple products to Pro and Consumer; Laptop and Desktop.

2. The second point he made is my favorite ever. He has such a great way of speaking and delivering the message. Let’s compare and contrast. My version of Verne’s message is “stay the f*ck out of your employees’ and manager’s way; you’re screwing it up and they hate you.” Harnish, much more productively and diplomatically suggested that “80% of an owner’s time should be spent outside of the business.” Love it. If you can’t figure out why internal projects aren’t getting finished, processes aren’t getting developed and implemented, or just why shit isn’t getting done to your satisfaction, I can assure you it’s because of YOU.

I love the saying that “you can’t serve two masters.” Well when you are trying to lead a change initiative in your company you’re likely ham handed and over bearing. Your employees then have to serve YOU and the PROJECT. Not going to happen. Lead by working with your staff to determine the outcome that best serves the company, then get the hell out of there, set a deadline, and follow up.

So, that’s my version. I’m sure I butchered Mr. Harnish’s eloquence and professionalism in delivering his well crafted advice but I think you’ll get the idea!

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