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From the Trenches; New IT Sales Person tells us what’s really going on

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The new year is speeding by at an incredible pace.  I unfortunately am moving at a much slower pace.  BUT, with the assistance of Adam Bielanski at Valley TechLogic we have our first “From the Trenches” interview ready for you to enjoy.

By the way, you’re going to see the name Bering McKinley on this video. That is the company we have created under which all of our upcoming educational and informational videos will be produced. We hope you enjoy!

Remember, From the Trenches is not about owners selling us on how great their business is doing.  It’s all about employees telling us what works and doesn’t work.  Why they will and won’t be successful in their role.  Listen with a critical ear.  Think about how you would operate with this employee and ask yourself how you would help this person be successful.

Enjoy and let me know what you think!  I’m backed up with interview requests at the moment, but please email to get on the roster.  Oh, and if you’re an employee and want to do your interview anonymously; we are offering a $50 gift card as a thank you for your efforts and contribution to the community.

Sales Follow Up Benefit

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Sales Acticity

Keep those activities up to date.

I love this exchange a friend sent me recently. Keep those activity reminders up to date. This prospect went from NO WAY to LET’s MEET two months later!