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SMB Nation Reports Sale of Heartland Technology Solutions to Westel

January 2, 2013 by   •  1 Comment

SMB Nation picked up this story early Wednesday morning…

To me the most interesting part is this line from the press release spoken by Arline Sorensen – “This transition will give me more time to focus on a new consulting practice to help other MSPs and IT vendors (Heartland Leadership Group) and will give Jane freedom to pursue other interests.”

The Management Consulting arena in our industry has largely been covered by one company who has a stellar reputation and provides top notch results. There have been a number of horrible one off trunk slammers that come in with a bang and sneak off in the middle of the night having done nothing. Or worse yet they stick around and try and reinvent themselves with some garbage marketing ploy.

I’m excited to see HTG and Arlin go after the direct consulting market; it’s going to professionalize that aspect of our industry and raise the bar so that the trunk slammers truly look like the schmucks they are. MSP’s deserve high quality consulting from firms that are professional and have the credentials to be advising on truly complex issues.

2013..starting off with a bang!