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SMB Nation SMB 150

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It’s that time of the year again! SMB Nation SMB 150 Top 150 Small and Medium Business Professionals.

Please take a second to vote for some of my favorites (myself included!)  Vote often!

Josh Peterson

David Spire – The guy is killing it and is quickly becoming a resource for his peers.  He shares like it’s his job!

Karl Palachuk – you know who he know what he does for the industry…relax, focus, succeed…

Arnie Bellini – CW is contributing to the industry on so many levels!

Jodi Grubman – If you haven’t heard, then you haven’t been paying attention.  Jodi has this sales thing figured out.  You better be calling and getting the advice while it’s free.

Harry Brelsford- The man himself.  Harry is a prolific contributor to the industry.  His Pocket MBA is such a huge undertaking and the value will be a game changer.

MSP from the Trenches Launching January 2013

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As we wind down 2012 we are making some great plans for 2013.  Borrowing from the wildly popular but sadly short lived Salary Surfer series (hoping that starts up again soon!) we are starting a new series called “From the Trenches”.

For each of the 52 weeks of 2013 we will be conducting an interview with an employee from YOUR businesses.

We will interview a sales person, a dispatcher, an accountant, an engineer, really everyone from your business that can give us the REAL scoop on what’s going on out there.  You know me, it’s going to be a fun interview with tough questions and lots of real talk.

Sooo…email us NOW to get your special someone on the list.  I have about 12  slots filled already.  The interviews will be audio only initially.  They will be one on one with me at first but over time, I hope to get a live interview with an audience to ask questions at the same time.  Also, we will go to a video format over time as well.  We’ll try to keep the interviews down to about 10-20 minutes.

If your company would like to participate you’ll be able to rebroadcast the interview and market it however you like.  We will of course post it here and on any other sites that we develop so be ready for the exposure.

Have a great end of 2012.  Talking to TONS of folks that are reporting best years ever!  Lcool huh?ots of guys  stuck in the $1.X M breaking through the $2M mark and a handful about to hit the $4M mark.  Proud of you all!  I’ve seen a lot of you work up from the 6 figure numbers.

Oh and a GREAT big shout out to all the people out there with the dedication and bravery to implement the top down sales method.  It’s not for everyone but those of you who did it right and stuck strictly to the plan, cheers to you and I’m glad it’s beginning to bare fruit!


Rude accounting practices hurt more than help

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I receive my fair share of emails from people sending me funny things from their competition or other IT firms. The other day however, I received what might be my favorite email in the history of email.  For that I can thank David Spire and his crew at United Systems.  They forwarded this little number from one of their competitors.
I’m not familiar with the company that sent this email out to their clients but it is clear they are realllly frustrated with accounts receivable and other billing issues. The thing that strikes me as so over the top is that it almost reads like the company notes from the meeting about how to resolve these issues and someone just slapped a greeting on those notes and sent them out.
I challenge you to look for your own voice in there.

Do you ever come across this way to employees? When you’re frustrated with techs not entering time do you turn into Johnny Business Man the robot formal talker? (i worked with one of those…they suck and are alienating everyone around them when they pull that shit).
I call this type of letter, the “we’re mad and we’re not going to take it any more tough guy talk gone bad.” We all know those talks….they usually start off with you sharing a story with a colleague and they come right back with “you know what i would have said is this….OR you should have said this….or when my clients do that, i say this.” Most of you have the sense to calm down and not actually follow the bad advice…apparently, on this day, this company took the bait and got a little too tough.
So with that, i present to you, a gift and a wish that all your competition be this ham handed.  I’ve highlighted my favorite parts!

Dear ABC Client,

We at ABC would like to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New year! Our Holiday schedule is as follows:

We will be closing on December 21st at 12:00 and will remain closed until January 4th. Normal hours will resume on January 7th. If you have an emergency during our Holiday hours you can reach JOE TECH at xxx-xxx-xxxx. Holiday rates will apply.

Due to the economy, we have and will continue to re-evaluate our client base to properly maintain and provide quality service to our clients. ABC is making changes to our policy and procedures in a way that we feel will benefit everyone and allow us to give each selected client the attention they deserve. In doing so, ABC, at our discretion, will selectively cut-back on some of our Dental offices. These cut-backs and the reason as to why will be privately discussed with the doctor; not a member of the staff.

The following changes are effective immediately:

ABC has implemented a new billing structure for our quoting and invoicing procedures. Accepted quotes must be signed by the Dr. and mailed, faxed, or emailed to along with the signed Terms and Conditions. Once we have received the accepted quote, we will create the invoice. Invoices must be paid by check or credit card in the following manor prior to us scheduling appointments:

? All non labor items, including tax, must be paid in full.

? The specified deposit for the total labor charge(s) will be due at the same time non labor items are purchased. (Also used to hold a requested date)

? The remaining balance will be due the day of your scheduled appointment and prior to us conducting any work in your office. If you are unable to pay the remaining balance at the time of our arrival, your appointment will be rescheduled and additional fees will apply. (Please see the Terms and Conditions for additional fees)

? Please note: If you have already signed and returned a copy of the Terms and Conditions, these changes will supersede the original Terms and Conditions. These changes will replace and add to current paragraphs, and we need for you to send us another copy of the signed Terms and Conditions. You may mail them to the address above or send them to NASTY via fax, or email ( The Revised Terms and Conditions are attached. We will only need one signed copy on file per location (if client has multiple offices). Terms and Conditions must be signed by the doctor only. I will not send the Terms and Conditions after we receive the initial signed copy, unless changes are made to the Terms and Conditions.

? Services requested, by you or a member of the staff acting on your behalf may not be quoted prior to us arriving at a scheduled appointment if we are unable to determine over the phone the exact issue you are experiencing or unable to specify the estimated time needed to resolve the issue. You will be invoiced for work completed PRIOR to us leaving your office and payment in the form of check or credit card will be due at the time services are rendered and before we leave your office.

? Additional “while you are here” issues that come up during the scheduled appointment will be billed while we are at your office; payment is due at time services are rendered and before we leave your office; However, ABC reserves the right and at our own discretion to reschedule the “while you are here” issues that are needing to be addressed if the time it takes to address those issues interferes with our next scheduled appointment.

? We will be creating paper invoices in the field for work performed. Payment for the paper invoice is due at that time. You will receive a copy of the paper invoice created as your initial receipt. We will use our copy of the paper invoice to create an invoice/statement, when we return to our office, in our Quick Books and apply payment we received to the QB invoice/statement. You will receive an email with the attached PAID invoice as your final receipt.

If you need to update your contact information with us or have questions about your current account balance, please email me with a phone number and a good time to contact you so we can discuss your concerns further. I can be reached at the numbers listed below.

We appreciate your prompt attention to this matter and greatly appreciate your understanding. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at any time to discuss these changes. Our new office phone number is listed below. Please update our contact information in your records accordingly.