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Managed Service Agreement Gross Profitability – Open challenge to AutoTask

October 15, 2012 by   •  Leave a comment

I just returned from a terrific trip to SMB Nation Fall 2012 conference.  This was their 10 year anniversary and it was awesome.  Met some really great folks and caught up with some old friends.

I gave a presentation similar to the one that I did for Karl Palachuk on metrics for your business.  This presentation will form much of the basis for the Pocket MBA that Harry Brelesford has put together.

This presentation was very fun to give due mostly in part to the great questions and comments that folks had.  It’s amazing how informed and serious this audience was about running their business.  The NUMBER ONE troubling issue that I have however is how little attention folks pay to managed service contract profitability.  I place the blame squarely on the shoulders of the PSA’s and the RMM folks.  I believe your PSA should have a HUGE RED BUTTON for contract profitability reports on the first screen an owner or manager sees when they log in.

Now, I’ve said this in private and I’ll say it very publicly here.  ConnectWise has had this report since day one.  I love it and I’ve helped 100’s of companies follow the steps to make sure it is accurate.  I’ve obtained massive training from CW directly and from their best consultants on how to make this report as accurate as possible.  HOWEVER, when I talk to my biggest most powerful users of CW, they will still complain that the report is flawed.  I’m not ok with that but from my experience that report gets you very close to what you need to start making informed decisions.

AutoTask on the other hand does not yet seem to have this report.  I WANT TO BE CORRECTED ON THIS.  I have used AutoTask and I’ve worked with many companies that have AutoTask and I have yet to see a report that shows Agreement Gross Profitability in a meaningful fashion.  I do not see a report that I can log into AT, press a button and view all of my contracts and their GP.

Here is my challenge:  If you are a user of AutoTask, an AT consultant, or AT employee, PLEASE email me and I will sit through a demo of you logging into to an MSP’s AT, go to the included (not custom written by the users) contract profitability report, run the report, and view meaningful results.  If I’m wrong in stating that this can not happen in AutoTask, I will pay for VarVid to record this and create a training series about how to run this report!  I don’t enjoy bashing AT, but this is maddening to me that an MSP can’t appear to run what is arguably the most helpful report for an MSP in running their business.

That’s my rant for the day!  Demand this report from your PSA and demand that it is accurate.  If you’d like more information on why this report is so important, let me know!