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FusionTek looking for Sales Reps in Seattle and Washington DC

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Hope everyone is doing well!  We at FusionTek are getting some great momentum.  First thirty days is behind me and the reality of “doing” instead of “teaching” is settling in.  I love it.

So to that end; just as I’ve always preached.  ABI – Always Be Interviewing.  Here’s the scoop on what we are looking for in a Sales Rep.  Remember, have multiple levels of sales folks: Sales Rep, Senior Sales Rep, Account Manager, & Account Executive.  Here’s what we need right now in a Sales Representative:

Sales Representative
FusionTek is looking for the next super star in our company. We are a phenomenal company experiencing tremendous growth. We need YOU! You are:
1. High Octane, High Energy, High Positivity
2. DYING to get into Sales
3. Someone who gets told all the time…YOU SHOULD BE IN SALES
This is your opportunity to receive training on how to sell and to get out there and SELL. Maybe you’ve done some retail sales; maybe you’ve sold cars or worked at a rental car agency. We want people who can’t wait to see what they can do in the sales world.
We are a mid-sized IT Solution Provider. We are the people that work on your IT at your business. Companies come to us when they decide they need THE BEST to take their use of IT to the next level. Our client list is a Who’s Who in the Northwest, the Northeast, and around the world.
We have offices in Seattle, Washington DC, and Chicago. Our clients span the United States and the globe including Australia and New Zealand. Currently we are approaching our 20th employee. We have the best Sales people, Engineers, Administrators, and now we NEED YOU.
You will be working out of our Alexandria, VA office. Your day to day schedule will include cold calling, prospecting, writing proposals, going out on sales appointments, and LOTS AND LOTS of learning. We know you’re new to sales and we’ll take the time to train you right. You’ll be receiving industry certifications from SonicWall, CompTIA, and Microsoft.
Send us your resume TODAY. Oh, and one more thing, no salary surfers, phonies, or cheeseballs. We want this to be the BEST job you ever have!
Here are the details:
? 0-2 year’s sales experience. I’m sorry that we don’t have an opening for you seasoned folks right now, but keep checking with us!
? Base Salary of $20,000-$24,000 per year PLUS commissions. (YUP, it’s a low base but we know you’ll make more if you can follow our program. We have a written compensation plan that will show you how you can make your money. Remember, this is entry level sales!)
? Must be able to make cold calls! (Be afraid, that’s ok! We’ll teach you how to gain confidence in cold calling and how to get your appointments. If you KNOW you don’t want to cold call, then watch for a different opening at FusionTek in the future, it’s not for everyone)
? Must have a car that you keep clean and tidy and have a valid driver’s license. We reimburse you for mileage because hopefully you’ll be out on lots of sales calls
? Would be great if you have 5 years of work experience AND at least a 2 year degree. Any subject it fine, if you want to get into technology sales, we’ll teach you what you need to know.


OH, and you can reach me at if you are interested!

Consumer Advocate cheesy marketing

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Ok people..quick pop in to the old Jo-Sh blog to bring this public service announcement.

I’m selling a car on Craigslist in Chicago.  I love craigslist.  Always some sort of scam but this one caught my attention as just a bad bad decision by Car Insurance Quote (

They send you this email in response to your car ad:

Okay, that sounds good. My husband Josh is actually the one buying it for me.  We agreed that he buys the car for me, if I cover the monthly policy premiums.  I can definitely afford it, but he still wants to see a basic estimate of the cost before he spends a bunch of money on me.

I’m at work right now, and they restrict internet use to company sites only.  Will you do a quick favor, and go to Auto Quotesand just run a quote for me, so I have something to show him?  We’re local, without any recent tickets or accidents.  Just tell me how much the premium is and we’ll stop by once I get off work today, if that works for you.

Thank you!


The link in the email take you to their website and you supposedly fill in your info for a quote.  Now, i don’t know what the point of it is but it cracked me up.  Are they selling your info?  Are they actually providing quotes?  Who knows, or are they just driving up traffic so they can sell the site to a legitimate insurance company?

Cheesy!  No point to my post, but it caught my attention.