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Leaving Taylor Business Group; Starting with FusionTek

March 15, 2012 by   •  4 Comments

Well the day has come.  After being with the Taylor Business Group for many many years I’ve decided to get back into world of operating a Managed Services Provider.  Brian Miller and myself began talking about working together close to three months ago and decided that we should be able to make a huge impact in the industry by giving this our100% commitment.

I’ve been fortunate to pass along some great information to my clients and friends over the course of my time at TBG.  Now it’s time to internalize it all and see how well I can do at implementing what I’ve been teaching for so many years.  I’m betting my reputation and career on the fact that Brian and the team at FusionTek can deliver on making us the most profitable and effective IT Solution Provider in Washington DC and Seattle, WA.

I plan on keeping the blog up to date with my transition from consultant to COO.  I’ll share what’s working and what’s not working.  I believe this blog is about to blow the doors off of anything I’ve written to date.  You all will be able to get my insights as I live what you’re living.  Keep sending me those emails and posting your thoughts and questions.

Big thank you to all my clients over the years.  Now get back to work!


SMB Nation 150 List Nominees

March 5, 2012 by   •  1 Comment

Harry B and the good folks of SMB Nation have published the nominees for the Top 150 influencers in our industry.  I’m proud to be a nominee as there are some pretty amazing names up on that list.  If you’ve enjoyed the blog or we’ve worked together, could you take a moment to vote?   I love this industry and appreciate the recognition.  Here’s the link if you’d be so kind!

Also, check back tomorrow for some breaking news!