I admit it, I’m impressed with Jeffrey Gitomer

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Greetings from Alexandria, Virginia.  This is probably the coolest place I’ve been in a while.  The fact that it’s relatively warm in December doesn’t hurt either.  I’m spending the week working out of the FusionTek East Coast offices and loving the surroundings.

I was visiting with David Spire from United Systems last week when he dropped this bomb on me.  The bomb is Jeffrey Gitomer.  Now, I have to admit that as a consultant I like to fool myself into believing that I know everything about everything.  Clearly this isn’t true but when someone asks me, “have you heard about this guy or that guy?” I am usually skeptical since out industry has an abundance of crap floating around passing itself off as good advice.

When David asked me if I’d heard of Jeffrey Gitomer I applied my usual amount of skepticism and paid little attention.   When I took the time to read his website and excerpts from his books I found myself getting very impressed (despite my best efforts).  This guy is a genius, well spoken, and his experiences are incredible.  Not since I was introduced to the Sandler Selling System have I been this optimistic about great sales training existing out in the world.

So without further introduction, I am presenting you with a snipit of Gitomer’s philosophies.  Do yourself and your sales folks a favor and start devouring what this guy is feeding.

12.5 Values of a Sales Professional

1. The value of creating a difference between you and the competition. The key is perceived value. The biggest difference is the difference they perceive in YOU!

2. The value of knowing the difference between satisfied and loyal. Satisfied customers buy anywhere. Loyal customers stay, fight for you and refer. Will they order again? Will they recommend you to others? That is the measure.

3. The value of your ability to speak and be compelling.  If your sales message is boring, they pass. If it’s compelling, they want to buy. Engage them with great questions and ideas.

4. The (value) of knowing everything or being too busy to learn. Stay a student – every day. All the information you need to succeed already exists. You may not be exposing yourself to it.

5. The value of establishing a friendly relationship.  All things being equal, people want to do business with their friends. All things being not quite so equal, people still want to do business with their friends.

6. The value of your humour. If you can make ‘em laugh, you can make ‘em buy. Study humour.

7. The value of your creativity.  Your key to being perceived as different lies in your creativity. Creativity can be learned.

8. The value of asking for the sale.  It’s so simple, no one does it.

9. The value of belief in yourself.  To make a sale, you gotta believe you work for the greatest company in the world. You gotta believe you have the greatest products and services in the world. You gotta believe you’re the greatest person in the world. Three key words, you gotta believe.

10. The value of being prepared. Most salespeople are half-prepared. They know everything about themselves but they know nothing about their prospect.

11. The value of not whining and not blaming.  You may think you’re the greatest – but if you whine and blame others, no one will like you or respect you.

12. The value of an apple a day.  An hour of learning a day will make you a world class expert at anything in five years.

12.5. The value of a YES! Attitude.  Attitude is EVERYTHING – to you and your success.  You become what you think about. Your attitude is at the core of every action you take.


If you’re waiting for someone else to motivate you, you’re going to be waiting a long time. Other people an inspire you, but you’re responsible for your own motivation. Always have been. Always will be …


So, there’s a little teaser.  I’ll be reading more of what this guy has to say, I’d suggest you do likewise.  If you have any experience working with his group, leave a comment.  I want to know more!


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  1. David says:

    Glad you liked it Josh, next week I’m bringing some Larry Winget north with me. Between Jeffrey & Larry, we are forced to leave our BS at the door when we check in!

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