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F the cloud! Hype limitations and other nonsense

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FUD…Fear Uncertainty and Doubt. C’mon Managed Services Providers. You guys are too smart to be afraid of the cloud. As we sit here right now on December 23, 2011 at 1:57pm I can tell you the Cloud is nothing but noise. I don’t care about SalesForce, Microsoft, or any other big cloud promoting giant.

One question to your prospect…what happens when you your Internet access is down right now? You can’t get email? You can’t surf facebook? You can’t look at porn? Big deal, pick up the phone and call those folks you need to email, call your friends to see what they’re doing, and walk to 7-11 to get your porn.

Follow up question to your prospect. What do you think happens 6 months from now when your Internet access goes down? Let’s see, still no porn, still no email, still no facebook, but now, no accounting, no CRM, no sales management, no Word, no Excel, no…uhhhhh anything!!

So, Josh, why are you talking about this? You’re no technology expert, you don’t know about redundancy, virtualization, cached versions, document managment, etc. You’re just a guy who talks about management issues. Fair enough! I don’t know a damn thing about that stuff, what I do know is that right at this second I have two Managed Services Provider clients in California and New York whose Internet is down in their offices and they can’t do the work we planned on doing today in building out their ConnectWise. So if two brilliant MSP’s can be left hanging, what about your clients?

Create that FUD, create solutions that work for your clients, and stop crying about cloud, the economy, or about techs that won’t enter their time and just get to selling! Plenty of prospects out there who don’t care about the cloud, go find them and sell to them!

Merry Christmas!


OK….one last thing to avoid thirty emails from egg heads haters…I know cloud is real, I know it is awesome, I know that’s the direction the world is heading. Just don’t run your business into the ground with a sky is falling (kind of a good pun..get it, sky – cloud, nevermind) mentality just because a new thing is on the horizon.

Managed Services Providers Please Tell Me You have Your CONTRACTS!!

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Sweet holy mother of all things ridiculous.  Please tell me that as a managed services provider you have your contracts ready to go and that EVERY client has a signed contract on file.  Don’t tell me about a credit card authorization form or a signed quote or a signed proposal.  YOU MUST HAVE CONTRACTS.

Let’s go over the basics.  A contract does some of the following:

1. Limits your liability (ie…liability for any provider caused issues will be limited to the amount paid to the provider)

2. Sets forth the payment terms and amount (ie…$2,000 for 36 months due on the 15th of each month)

3.  Describes early termination penalties (ie…client must provide thirty days written notice of intent to cancel.  Remainder of contract value will be prorated

4.  Non-hire/Non-solicitation WITH PENALTIES DESCRIBED (ie…we won’t hire your employees, don’t hire ours.   If you do hire our employees you agree to pay us a penalty equal to one year’s salary of hired employee)

5.  Sets the venue for disputes (ie….requires mediation…disputes will be handled in our state and county)

These are the basics of every contract.  Here are some common contracts you need to have at the ready:

1. Master services agreement (rates, after hours, response times, trip charges, emergency fees)

2. Managed services (what’s covered, what’s not covered, what devices/employees are covered,  service level agreement, response times, etc)

3. Riders to Managed services (anti spam, anti virus, hosted exchange, etc) Continue reading Managed Services Providers Please Tell Me You have Your CONTRACTS!!

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I admit it, I’m impressed with Jeffrey Gitomer

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Greetings from Alexandria, Virginia.  This is probably the coolest place I’ve been in a while.  The fact that it’s relatively warm in December doesn’t hurt either.  I’m spending the week working out of the FusionTek East Coast offices and loving the surroundings.

I was visiting with David Spire from United Systems last week when he dropped this bomb on me.  The bomb is Jeffrey Gitomer.  Now, I have to admit that as a consultant I like to fool myself into believing that I know everything about everything.  Clearly this isn’t true but when someone asks me, “have you heard about this guy or that guy?” I am usually skeptical since out industry has an abundance of crap floating around passing itself off as good advice.

When David asked me if I’d heard of Jeffrey Gitomer I applied my usual amount of skepticism and paid little attention.   When I took the time to read his website and excerpts from his books I found myself getting very impressed (despite my best efforts).  This guy is a genius, well spoken, and his experiences are incredible.  Not since I was introduced to the Sandler Selling System have I been this optimistic about great sales training existing out in the world.

So without further introduction, I am presenting you with a snipit of Gitomer’s philosophies.  Do yourself and your sales folks a favor and start devouring what this guy is feeding.

12.5 Values of a Sales Professional

1. The value of creating a difference between you and the competition. The key is perceived value. The biggest difference is the difference they perceive in YOU!

2. The value of knowing the difference between satisfied and loyal. Satisfied customers buy anywhere. Loyal customers stay, fight for you and refer. Will they order again? Will they recommend you to others? That is the measure.

3. The value of your ability to speak and be compelling.  If your sales message is boring, they pass. If it’s compelling, they want to buy. Engage them with great questions and ideas.

4. The (value) of knowing everything or being too busy to learn. Stay a student – every day. All the information you need to succeed already exists. You may not be exposing yourself to it. Continue reading I admit it, I’m impressed with Jeffrey Gitomer

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AMC Advance Microcomputing Services Needs a Sales Manager

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Just a quick shout out that the San Dimas, CA company owned by Anthony Chiapetta is beginning the search for a Sales Manager.  AMC is a managed services provider whose performance in the last 12 months has been remarkable.  Under Anthony’s leadership they have grown tremendously in both revenue and profitability.  Anthony has taken the very bold step of creating a top down sales department.  One of the most prevalent hurdles to real growth of managed services providers is the lack of a dedicated sales force.  Typically the owner is the best and only sales person but unfortunately that model does not seem to scale beyond the $1,000,000-$2,000,000 mark.

This is an aggressive move on AMC’s part.  The Sales Manager will be tasked with building the sales infrastructure, recruiting four sales people, training them and getting them all up to quota and beyond.  This is not something that has been attempted by many MSP’s.

Soooooo…if you are a seasoned sales manager who wishes to work in a company with a phenomenally motivated and positive culture, consider contacting AMC.  No bullies, intimidation, or lameness will be considered.  This is the opportunity for high performing sales managers to finally build their dream team from the ground up.  Could not ask for a better scenario.

Visit to find contact information.  You should be able to find the job posting on the Ladders, Craigslist, and Linkedin shortly.

Best of luck to Anthony and all you looking to take on this role!

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