Weekly Sales Meeting for Managed Services Providers or anyone really

November 17, 2011 by

Happy holidays!!  Had a great last few weeks.  Business is great, have been meeting with some phenomenal companies.  One of the most exciting things going on is that a number of  my clients are taking the bull by the horns and pushing all the chips to the middle of the table by building a TOP DOWN SALES organization.  They have hired phenomenal sales managers who are tasked with building a sales force of a least 4 sales reps.  It’s a BIG BIG SCARY investment but folks, you waste more money on garbage RMM tools that you don’t use or throw out after 18 months.  This is an investment that will provide the growth they have been “hoping” for; and to quote the old man “hope is not a strategy!”

So, on to today’s topic.  Weekly sales meeting.  I see this screwed up all the time.

  •  The meeting must be a PILLAR in your and your sales folks week.  NO F’N AROUND…you will be in attendance each and every week.
  • The meeting must have an objective…review activity and results and pipeline.
  •  The meeting must result in praise and corrective action depending on performance.
It’s not difficult people.  Set the day and time and stick to it.  Don’t hold the meeting in the middle of the day.  Hit it before normal business hours.
This topic is so basic and fundamental that I’ve become bored.  Here is a terrific weekly sales meeting template for your use.  Let me know how it goes!  Oh and if you click on the underlined words at the end of this document you can download in a Word Document.  You’re welcome
  1. Opportunities
    1. Appropriate close date (in the future)
    2. Supporting activities to justify close date
    3. Forecast summary completed
      1.                                       i.            Stage
      2.                                      ii.            Percentage closed
    4. Proper Forecast calculations of margin
    5. Activities
      1. No red in the activity fields
      2. All activities with close dates in the future
      3. Appropriate notes to support client/prospect contact
      4. Appointments scheduled for next week
        1.                                       i.            How many?
        2.                                      ii.            With whom
        3.                                    iii.            Objective
        4. Weekly activity points report
          1. Run for previous week
            1.                                       i.            Based on activity closed
    6. Note activity levels on each day of previous week
      1.                                       i.            Discuss days that do not meet expectations
      2. Sales Forecast
        1. What is forecasted to close in the month?
        2. What has closed in this month?
        3. Is forecasted amount double the quota amount for this month? (or greater depending on close ratio of sales person)
  2. Red Flag Accounts
    1. Opportunities that are not closing as anticipated
    2. Opportunities lost.
    3. Current client issues
      1.                                       i.            Client satisfaction
      2.                                      ii.            Unresolved technical issues
  3. Training Issue (pick one every week) (15 minutes) (below are suggestions0
    1. How to get client budget
    2. How to get client to set a time frame for roll out
    3. Getting the next appointment
    4. Setting the objective of the next appointment
    5. How well do you know our managed services offering
    6. Others?


  • Group format is excellent.
  • Stay linear in moving through meeting
  • Set expectation that it is a must attend
  • Set expectation that ConnectWise must be updates (we can’t have an effective meeting if our tool is not up to date)
  • 45 -60 minutes should be the right amount of time for two sales peopleWeekly Sales Meeting
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