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Sales Rant

May 25, 2011 by   •  4 Comments

Ok, so I try to be neutral and I try to stay level headed but I’ve bit my tongue long enough. I have the (mis)fortune of listening to a lot of break out sessions, vendor talks, webinars, etc. I am just about to lose my mind with all of these shortcut bullsh*t services that will help you increase your revenue, increase margins, close more deals, blah blah blah.

Every working day of my life I’m sitting with you in your offices listening to how you work. I have to say one thing; 99 out of 100 of you are AWESOME at sales. Once you get in front of your prospect, you’re phenomenal. You are liked, you are trusted, you are helpful, and you are appreciated. Please, don’t let anyone tell you different. Here’s the trick though, we just have to get you in front of more people. And folks, I can almost guarantee you that if you’re trying to build a $2,000,000 + IT business a few things WILL NOT WORK:
1. Cheesy cookie cutter website that you paid $499 for and $60 month for updates…nope not gonna happen. It will look like crap and your clients will see that you aren’t even committed to using technology in your own business. DON’T DO IT!! Find a web professional. Treat your website the way you want your clients to treat their networks.
2. HIDEOUS postcards sporadically mailed out when you are afraid you won’t make payroll next month. Give me a break. Look at how you view mail in your own personal life. YOU DON’T LOOK AT JUNK MAIL. What in THE h*ll makes you think your piece will get looked at? Is it because some $93,000 a year trunk slammer claims he increased his managed services by 300%??? Awesome he went from a really small number to a little less small number. If you want to take marketing seriously then go hire a professional who does NOT and I repeat DOES NOT specialize in the IT space. You do not need someone who “knows your industry.”
3. Hiring a cold calling company. I don’t have enough energy to list why this is ridiculous. I will simply cite the fact that I ask those who have done this if they would do it again and I hear time and time again “NO”. Call me and I’ll be happy to tell you more about that one. Ahhh hell, I can’t help myself…cold calling companies are scams…they charge by the hour, not by the appointment..ding ding ding!!!! Is that not a red flag?? Another reason, these cold callers are not helping you establish a warm trusting relationship…can you imagine asking someone else to call a girl you’re interested and having them ask her out for you? It’s ridiculous.

Anyway, what can you do? Well let’s list a few items:
1. Make prospecting a pillar to your week. Choose a time and day that you will focus on prospecting. Do it every time you have scheduled
2. Make a list of your dream clients. Go after them with everything you have. Cold calling, invitations for ball games with you, stopping by, getting a referral from someone you know they do business with. Put extra energy into these 10-15 wish list clients.
3. Hold meaningful lunch and learns and educational events. Not some nonsense vendor driven event focused on a product but rather something interesting to your prospect. Hold it in a nice club, cool restaurant, museum…whatever! Feed them well, make it interesting and for the LOVE OF GOD!! FOLLOW UP WITH THEM!

That’s all…carry on…