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SMB Nation Fall 2010

October 3, 2010 by   •  Leave a comment

Very excited to be participating in the SMB Nation 2010 conference in Las Vegas on October 22-24.  I’ll be sitting on a panel titled MSP Future Speak.  This topic really got my attention focused on how the next version of managed services and cloud computing offerings will further challenge the business skills of owners even further.

The level of sophistication and education VARs have achieved in the last 5 years is absolutely incredible to me.  VARs who wanted to add managed services to their service portfolio had to not only sharpen their technical skills but also learn how to analyze profitability and productivity in a whole new way.  Many made some fatal and near fatal mistakes during this transition but those who remain should be well poised to take on the business challenge they face with a cloud or Haas/Saas offering.

My theme during this panel will be challenge attendees to make sure they are reviewing their profitability in three key areas:

1. By managed services contract by month

2. Department gross profitability

3. Before and after; review your P & L from BEFORE you became a provider of managed services and AFTER.  What impact did it have on your bottom line?

Only by knowing where we are at and where we have been can we prepare adequately for the future of our businesses.  Know your numbers and the future can be a lot easier to face and conquer.