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Business Improvement Groups

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It’s amazing right now how much interest there is in the managed services and VAR world in business improvement groups.  The sheer number of participants in our groups right now is pretty amazing to me.  The concepts of peer groups is not new but it certainly has been revitalized in our industry over the last few years.

A lot of times I get asked about the benefits of a peer group or business improvement group.  I generally give the same thoughts to anyone who asks. Here’s a snapshot:

1. Opportunity to share your experiences with other IT companies just like yours

2.  Opportunity to have your financials benchmarked and compared to others in your industry

3.  Opportunity to have your peers offer unbiased advise on important issues that are impacting your business right now

4.  Expand your base of advisors and sounding boards

5. Work with a group of individuals who will help hold you accountable for what you know you need to be doing.

Some important factors to consider:

1.  MUST be leader let, not peer led

2.  MUST be vendor neutral

3.  Leadership should MUST NOT have an agenda for financial gain by offering your information to so called sponsors

There are many other factors to choosing a peer group.  Basic advice is to do your homework and get references from current participants

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