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Rubik’s Cube

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Rubik\’s Cube videoTotally off subject but thought I’d throw this in there.  I’m completely obsessed with becoming a speed cuber.  I bought a Rubiks Cube about a month ago and have finally solved it four times. It’s coming along slowly but I gotta tell you, it’s a blast.  I learned everything i know from this guy called Thrawst on  You’d think that with videos and direction it would be a breeze, but believe me it has still been a monster undertaking and it’s finally coming together.

Today I bought some silicone lube and dialed in my cube, it’s amazing the difference.  If you’re a closet cuber, hit me up and let me know!

Heading to Autotask Community Live

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I’ve been attending the ConnectWise Partner Summit for about four years and find that it is a phenomenal event both in quality of content and in the level of attention to creating a memorable event.  Monday I’ll head to Miami for my first Autotask event and will be holding two sessions about the power of peer groups (Business Improvement Groups in Taylor Business Group language!)

Autotask has been a pleasure to work with.  I enjoy the opportunity to get in front of VAR’s and MSP’s and feel like our message is pretty well developed.  After about 3o minutes on the phone with Len DiCostanzo it was clear that he is truly passionate about this community and what his company can do for the industry.

From all the social media updates that I’ve seen so far it looks like a great start.  Karl Palachuk put on a great session by all accounts and had the ever entertaining Travis Austin in attendance as well.  I’m sorry to have missed it but can’t wait to get down there and check in with old friends and meet some new folks.  If you’re there, come by and say hi!

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